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Bridge To Nowhere

Distance: 36kms
Grade: 3
Average Time: 4-6 hours [plus a 1 hour jetboat transfer]

Start: Ruatiti (or Whakahoro)
Finish: Pipiriki

Beginning with a sturdy uphill climb to the Mangapurua Trig, the trail then descends steadily through the Whanganui National Park Forest, along sheer bluffs, through regenerating native forest and finally ends on the banks of the Whanganui river, just past the historic Bridge to Nowhere for a jet boat ride back to civilisation. 

An alternative starting point is from Whakahoro along the Kaiwhakauka track,  a grade 4 ride along a trail with many patches of relatively undisturbed native forest. The Kaiwhakauka track meets up with the Mangapurua Track at the Mangapurua Trig then follows the same route to the landing to meet the pre-arranged boat transfer to Pipiriki.

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